Naming creation and design of the brand identity for a new store for babies and toddlers products and wearing opening in Rabat, Morocco.

The challenge in the brand identity design was to define a captivating and fun personality, while making it also elegant and trustworhty, with the aim of making potential consumers (new parents and their relatives/friends) curious and enthusiast about it. The final name chosen for the brand “Picaboo” is the Franch translitaration of the English expression used to amuse kids: “Peek-a-boo!”.

A vibrant and elegant color palette together with a fun and childish logo (the calligraphic style recalls the way kids write things at school), make the brand cheerful but also stylish and neat. The use of geometrical pattern as a visual leit-motiv for the brand communication, recall the typical decorative moroccan tiles (zelij) used also for the interior design of the store.